Terms of trade and subscriptions

General Terms (valid from 2021.10.13)

Thank you for purchasing a Dantracker product. Dantracker Companies:

Dantracker ApS
VAT Reg. number: DK42772011

Address: Kratholmvej 62 C, Stenløse, DK-5260 Odense S, Denmark

(valid from 2021.10.13)

By "DANTRACKER" (all in capital letters) is meant one of our physical GPS tracking and retrieval products, such as Dantracker IA, Dantracker SPY, Dantracker EU/GB, Dantracker EU/GB SPY, Dantracker BI-3, Dantracker BI-4, Dantracker BI-9, Dantracker BI-10 or in combination (Bundle) where subscription is included.

By "DANTRACKER" (all in capital letters) is also meant Dantracker FLEET products OBD Mini, OBD Maxi, Dantracker Fleet or in combination (Bundle) where subscription is included.

"DANTRACKER" will also cover future products as well as possibly sale of parts of the technology (PCB).

DANTRACKER finds your current location using the GNSS/GPS satellites. DANTRACKER sends the location to the server via GSM mobile network and updates the location on your APP / PORTAL on your PC. You can only use DANTRACKER and receive positions if you have a valid subscription.

1. Acceptance of subscription terms – payment credit cards and PayPal

With acceptance of the subscription terms, automatic withdrawal from your payment card or from your PayPal agreement is accepted, cf. section. 3. This means that Dantracker will charge for your chosen subscription period of 1, 6, 12, 24, 36 months.

By accepting of the subscription terms, automatic renewal is also accepted at the end of your subscription period if you has not terminated your subscription, cf. section 11. This means that Dantracker automatically renews your chosen subscription period on 1, 6, 12, 24, 36 months and deduct your subscription payment from your entered credit card or from your PayPal agreement.

In addition, you agree that Dantracker may send service messages to the email you provided.

2. Setup fee

When you purchase a subscription to your DANTRACKER on our portal there is no setup fees to be charged. The setup is part of the subscription price.

No setup fees are charged for renewal of subscription or if you purchased your DANTRACKER in our WEBSHOP.

3. Terms of payment and credit cards

Payment is always net cash.

The following payment cards are accepted at www.dantracker.com: MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron as well as PayPal.

The amount to be paid is automatically deducted from your payment information when "terms of trade and subscriptions" are accepted.

4. Price

Subscriptions are always drawn according to the current price list, which is available at www.dantracker.com

Products in the WEB-shop are drawn according to the current price list for the WEB-shop at www.dantracker.com Subscription renewal is always drawn according to the current price list, which is available at www.dantracker.com Price changes are notified at least 30 days prior to entry into force at www.dantracker.com
DANTRACKER makes reservations for price changes and key errors.

All prices quoted are shown incl. Danish VAT of 25%.

5. Invoice

An invoice is issued for subscription or renewal of a subscription. Invoice is sent as PDF by email to the specified email address.

An order confirmation and invoice are issued for DANTRACKER products. Documents are sent as PDF by email to the specified email address.

6. Security at www.dantracker.com

Dantracker use OnPay/Nets/Mollie payment system for payment transactions.
The payment system at 
www.dantracker.com meets all the safety requirements and approved and certified by Nets.

All communication between the payment system and the cardholder is made via an encrypted SSL connection. This ensures that unauthorized personnel have no access to the data being exchanged. Similarly, data sent between OnPay payment system and Nets payment server are encrypted.

Payment card's has a three-digit security code in addition to the card number and expiration date. Nets need
this code to check the payment card. You will find the security code on the back of the payment card in the bottom right corner.

Dantracker has no access to your credit card information.

7. GDPR privacy policy

To be approved separately.

8. Data exchange

You are informed and have agreed that Dantracker stores your data (including positions).

You are familiar with the DANTRACKER GPS is communicating with our server and forwarding the information to your user account, or APP, via the electronical subscription.

You further understand and accepts that Dantracker carries out regular functional testing and updating of systems. Furthermore, you agree that Dantracker system obtain and communicate data to be processed, and stored, also location data and movement patterns that Dantracker is entitled to communicate (in anonymous form for example for statistical purposes), when these data are not inconsistent with the Privacy Policy, for example sensitive information and information about other purely private matters. Received position is saved on Dantracker servers until the end of the subscription.

To the extent that you are handing your DANTRACKER GPS with subscription over to others you are obliged to inform of the “terms of trade and subscriptions”

9. Cardholder responsibility and liability

The subscription is mandatory from the moment it is setup and the money withdrawn from your account. The cardholder is required to pay the full amount for the whole of the selected subscription period and subsequent subscription withdrawals, unless the subscription has since canceled (see rules for termination).

10. Change of address

Change of address must be notified Dantracker via the user profile on www.dantracker.com within 14 days. It is your sole responsibility to manage personal information in the user profile (eg. phone no., e-mail, address)

11. Termination of subscription

You can always terminate the subscription agreement with the effect from the billing period expiration (after 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 months), unless otherwise specified in a special agreement with Dantracker.
Dantracker will close the connection at the same day the subscription agreement ends, if the subscription is terminated or the amount of a new period cannot be withdrawn. You are obligated to pay all costs until

the subscription termination. Termination of subscription agreement must be done via the login at www.dantracker.com or by contacting Dantracker support.

If a subscription is terminated Dantracker will not make further withdrawals from your account in the future.

12 Continuation of subscription if your DANTRACKER needs exchange

If your tracker runs out of battery or you have lost your DANTRACKER and you would like to continue to get the positions of your Item then just find your local dealer at www.dantracker.com and buy a new tracker and contact our support team. We transfer your subscription to the new tracker and you retain the remaining paid subscription period on the new tracker.

13. Return Policy

You can always return a DANTRACKER GPS in unopened original packaging. It shall be returned to the dealer where it was purchased, unopened and with receipt. Your subscription purchase is subject to the statutory withdrawal period of 14 days. After the subscription is cancelled you have 14 days to return your Dantracker. You can only withdraw if your subscription is not taken in use within the 14 days. You take your subscription in use as soon as you complete your purchase by www.dantracker.com.

Do you want to use this right, you must immediately after purchase log off and not sign in again and contact Dantracker support to inform, that you regret your purchase.

You are responsible for all cost when returning the product. You are responsible for the product until Dantracker have received the package.

After we receive the product we will transfer your payment back to your payment card or PayPal account.

14. Web shop and sales – general terms products

Dantracker wants to provide the industry's best service. Orders we received in our WEB shop before 14:00 will be sent the same day (Monday-Friday). Reservations are made for products out of stock.

Dantracker reserves the right to cancel a trade if incorrect prices are stated on the website, as these are automatically generated. The order confirmation that is issued is thus a copy of the shopping cart and not an acceptance of the transaction being carried out.

At a price error, Dantracker will contact you and you will be able to cancel the purchase at any time. Dantracker claims the ownership of the goods to be delivered until the entire purchase price incl. freight is paid.

15. Warranty

You automatically have a 24 months warranty on your DANTRACKER, from the date on which you create and buy the subscription. The warranty is automatically calculated and visible on your customer login at www.dantracker.com website, where you also have the opportunity to complete an RMA request to Dantracker.

You can either get the item repaired, exchanged, the money back or a discounted price, depending on the situation. This means that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result
of incorrect use of the product or other harmful behavior.

If you wish to claim a defect to a product, please contact DANTRACKER support per. mail / phone BEFORE sending the item. Send the product in proper packaging to: Dantracker ApS, Kratholmvej 62C, 5260 Odense S, Denmark.

When returning during the warranty, you pay the return freight. You are responsible for the shipment until Dantracker has received it.

If this is not returned in accordance with applicable regulations, we cannot approve your warranty and the returned product will be destroyed and cannot be returned to you.

16. Support

As long as your subscription is valid, you will be able to receive support by e-mail within Dantracker's regular office hours, or by phone during the specified support period at www.dantracker.com.

All queries are processed in the order they enter.

17. Compensation

Dantracker cannot at any time be held liable for direct or indirect loss arising from the use of our products.

Dantracker does not warrant - and is not responsible for - that a given object covered by a subscription agreement can actually be retrieved.

NOTE: A DANTRACKER can only transmit its position if the location is within the GSM mobile network coverage area and that the antenna can receive signals from satellites and cellular towers.

18. Disputes

Disputes between Dantracker and buyer is sought solved amicably. If this fails, either party may refer the dispute to the Danish courts for full and final settlement

Please print these terms or save them on your computer.

Best regards
Dantracker ApS
Valid from October 13, 2021