GDPR Privacy Policy (valid from 2021.10.13)

Privacy Policy

1. Who are we?


Dantracker ApS

VAT Reg. number: DK42772011


Address: Kratholmvej 62 C, Stenløse, DK-5260 Odense S, Denmark

2. Use of personal data


Dantracker use personal data for several specific purposes. The personal data are needed to process and deliver our products and services.


We are responsible for the processing of your personal data in connection with the delivery of the acquired services. We decide for what purposes the need of processing of personal data shall take place.

Dantracker only collects personal data for specific purposes and the user's personal data is not stored for a period longer than necessary for the specific purpose.

Dantracker store and use the user's personal data to the extent necessary and reasonable. We store and use the user's personal data for the following purposes:


2.1 Administration of subscriptions


Dantracker process and store your identification information for the administration of the subscription so we can be sure you are set up as a customer and to process your personal data for subscription management in relation to maintaining information of the subscription and billing information on an ongoing basis.


2.2 For communication about your products and services


In the order to communicate with you during purchase or by complaint and return we process and store identification information. We make a registration whether you receive and open the emails we send. This helps to provide a better customer experience when contacting us.


2.3 Positioning data


Positioning data is data that we process when we deliver our service to you and are necessary for us to process so you can see your positions on and our Apple or Android application.


2.4 For development and trouble shooting


In order to improve products and services, we need to process personal data as we continuously develop and optimize our services and products in order to improve the customer experience.

We need to process your personal information in situations where errors or disruptions occur in connection with the use of our services and products, where we quickly need to identify the cause of the error in order to correct the error or disruption.


2.5 For police and rescue services


Dantracker process personal data to inform the police or rescue service about your position, if necessary.


2.6 For statistics and analysis


Dantracker use personal data for statistics and analysis to be able to develop, test and improve our products, services and systems and to analyze trends and patterns of our customers. We anonymize data to the extent possible for these purposes. When we anonymize data identification of data is irreversible.

Data protection legislation applies to any form of processing of personal data. If personal data is made anonymous in such a way that it is no longer possible to identify a person, it is thus not a matter of personal data anymore. The rights associated with the processing of personal data do not apply when anonymization has taken place, unless it is possible to provide additional information that makes identification possible.

3. Storage and use of your personal data


The storage and use of the user's personal data is done on a legal basis. We process your personal data after a consent is given, for example in connection with a purchase. You can always choose to retract this.

Data processing is necessary to be able to comply with the agreement we have made with you. In order for us to deliver our services and products to you, we will need to process your personal data, for example to send invoices and ensure that we can get in touch with you.

We only store the user's information as long it´s necessary. The user's data is then deleted or anonymized. How long we store the user's data depends on the purpose of saving them.

4. Information categories


The personal data that we record and collect about you is common personal information. We process various personal information about you for various purposes. The categories of personal data we process are identification information (such as name, email address, address and telephone number) and information about your equipment, traffic and location data (such as SIM card number, IMEI number, communication start and end information, IP address, username and passwords (encrypted) for

In connection with the purposes relating to our marketing of products and services, we treat identification information (such as name, email address, address and telephone number).

5. Sharing of personal data with business partners


Dantracker use business partners and we may need to share the user's personal information with them. The use of business partners takes place to support our business, for example in connection with the delivery of our services and products, administration, marketing, collection of payments, repair, development, etc.

The partners are data processors, suppliers, advisors, banks and telecommunications companies.

When we share the user's information with our business partners, we are signing a so-called data processing agreement with them. If the business partner is outside the EU / EEA, we will make an agreement that complies with the EU-approved standards for the transfer of personal data.

6. Where does the information come from?


The user's personal information comes from the information you have given us in connection with the purchase of our products and / or services. In addition, there are a number of personal data, such as position and traffic data collected in connection with your use of Dantracker's services and products.

We store information we have received from you when you created your subscription and given other information that we collect in connection with your use of our products and services.

7. User rights and withdrawal of consent


You have a number of rights that you can use under the data protection law in relation to the personal data we have about you.


It concerns the right to know more about what information we have collected about you. You have also the right to correct incorrect information, get your personal data handed over and withdraw your consent.

If you contact Dantracker in order to gain insight into your information or otherwise make use of your rights, we must ensure that it is the right person who has contacted us before we can disclose or provide you information that you are interested in. Therefore, we will control and verify your identity and that it is your information.

Remember it is your own responsibility to ensure that we always have your correct email address. You can update the email address at any time by contacting Dantracker support. Dantracker use the contact information you have provided to us in these cases.

Messages etc. that you receive from us by email has the same legal effect with regards to payments, acceptance and complaint deadlines as if they were received by regular mail. This means that you must open and check what is sent to you electronically in the same way as regular mail.

8. Personal data on the website


The information you provide us and the data we collect we will use to improve and target our services to you. This applies to both the website itself and to the services you have ordered or signed up at, and which you, for example, receives as email.

What kind of information do we collect at

We collect three kinds of information on the website:


8.1 Personal information


When you make a purchase in our web-shop. sign up for our newsletter or participate in a competition, we will collect the information you enter. It can be name, email and phone numbers.


8.2 Payment information for purchase of hardware and subscriptions

When you make a purchase in our web-shop or sign up for a subscription our data processor OnPay/NETS/ Mollie/PayPal collect information about your payment card - including card number, expiration date and CVC code.


8.3 Information about navigation on Dantracker website

Information about your navigation on our website and which parts of the website you visit as well as technical information about your browser and your operating system will be collected. For collection we use the web analytics tool Google Analytics.

9. How we treat your information


Personal information is only used if you are a customer with us and have logged on to the customer portal or purchased a product through our web-shop. We use the information to deliver the physical product and target content and offers as well as to provide you with accurate information and services. We store your personal information in order to follow up on orders or for statistics. Personal information collected in connection with a competition is, however, only used to extract winners, submit prizes and for statistical purposes, unless otherwise expressly stated. They are then deleted or anonymized.

Payment information for purchase of hardware and subscriptions is handled through the authorized OnPay/Nets Mollie/PayPal. When you enter your card number, expiration date and CVC in our web-shop, this data is transferred to OnPay/Nets /Mollie/PayPal in encrypted form. The encryption provides a high level of assurance that unauthorized persons cannot access the information. We do not store payment information (card number, expiration date and CVC code).

Information on which pages on the website you visit is used to customize the website for your needs, for example by optimizing the flow of the website that we believe can be an improvement for you.

We will not contact you electronically for marketing purposes and user surveys unless you have given your consent or the contact otherwise is permitted by law.

Please print or save your consent.


Best regards

Dantracker ApS

Valid from October 13, 2021