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Dantracker SMALL Bundle 12

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With Dantracker SMALL, you get the best security for cars, vans, mobile homes, boats, boat engines, jet skis, trucks or construction machinery. The system can be used for fleet management in companies.

This pack contains


The tracker is mounted on the battery or wiring harness (+/-).

Networking and roaming:

The GNSS tracker is fitted with a SIM card that works in 100+ countries, including Europe, Asia and the USA.

Installation and setup:

A Dantracker SMALL is installed and set up when you receive it. You will receive in an email a guide, with username and password for your account.

Dantracker app and portal:

A Dantracker SMALL updates its position every minute when your vehicle is in motion. The route and the current location of the vehicle can be followed on your app, or in the Dantracker portal.

Easy mounting:

· Place the vehicle outdoors.

· Connect the tracker to the car's power source.

For the best signal, the Dantracker sticker should face the sky.

Benefits of the Dantracker SMALL:

Simple and easy - easy installation.

Free app and portal.

Geofence zones.

Power via battery or wiring harness (+/-).

Live tracking (updates every minute).

Internal back up battery

Included in the price are:

Dantracker SMALL.

12 months subscription

Quick start


Data sheet

92.5 mm
57.6 mm
14 mm
IP 65