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Dantracker EASY Plus incl. 12 months subscription

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The GPS tracker is for the budget conscious consumer who wants to protect their assets.

The GPS tracker is easy and simple to use.

The GPS tracker has a world wide roaming with built-in SIM chip that gives 2G GSM.

You will receive a mail with your username and password to login your account at dantracker.com. You can see your positions on your account at dantracker.com. 

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Dantracker EASY Plus benefits

· Simple and easy to use.

· Free Portal and APP.

· Live tracking (every minute).

· Route view (log of 1 years).

· Connected to the car’s power (will never run low on power)

· Speed calculator

· Standard, Alarm or Geofence mod

· Internal battery with 2 days lifetime (will recharge while the vehicle is moving)

Used for

The GPS tracker is used for monitering and theft protection of cars, vans, trucks, trailers, caravans and entrepreneur machines.

Find you cars OBD stick at following link: https://www.wikiobd.co.uk/manufacturers.php?pt=1


The subscription is active 12 months from date of purchase. After the subscription expire you can add a new subscription. See subscription price list here.  

Weight and size



GNSS chip

The GPS tracker calculates the position based on several satellite systems, including GPS, Galilieo, Beidoi and Glonass satellite systems. 

Protection rating

The Dantracker EASY Plus is protected from tools and small wires greater than 1mm (IP41).

Other features

· No buttons, wires or displays. The setup is very easy and simple.

The contains of the box

· Dantracker EASY Plus

· Quick start manual